Secure Your Assets for Free
SecureAssetRegister is an ISO27001 accredited property register developed to keep your assets secure and give you peace of mind.
Secure Asset Register is the leading global property register with a difference. Not only do we hold a record of all your valuable possessions, so they can be returned to you if your property is lost or stolen, and then recovered. We also offer award-winning Security Marking solutions which can be used to mark and identify your possessions, making them a less desirable target for thieves.
Why use Secure Asset Register?
SAR (Secure Asset Register) enables you to register valuable possessions for free to your online account, using unique identifying marks such as serial numbers. It also allows you to upload and store photos of possessions, receipts, invoices and warranties, so that you have a record of these to show Police, Retailers and Insurers in the event of loss, fault or theft. You can do all this via an online account as well as via the Secure Asset Register app. By keeping a record of your possessions in this way, means that you stand a chance of getting them back if lost or stolen, and you have the documented proof of ownership needed to successfully claim against your insurance policy.
About Secure Asset Register
SAR was developed by Selectamark Security Systems plc in 2010, in accordance with Police and Insurance requirements for online property registers. SAR is tested and certified to the Loss Prevention Certification Board’s LPS1224 Issue 3, and it is the only property database to hold this sought-after standard. The organisation is also certified to ISO27001:2013 for its information security management system. This combination of database and information security accreditations sets SAR apart from any other property registers.
Access Everywhere
Our cloud-based solution means that you can manage your assets from anywhere
Responsive Design
Secure Asset Register is optimised to work seamlessly on all devices
Import your Data
Get started quickly by importing your existing assets directly via spreadsheet upload
Data Security
Data Encryption
All data between your computer and our server is SSL encrypted, so your data is safe in transit
EU Data Store
All of your data is stored in EU-based data centres, so your data is also secure at rest
ISO 27001 Certified
Not only is our data centre ISO 27001 certified, but we are too. This means we have strict controls to manage our information security and your data